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A Bit of TLC

Wow. I am still very delayed getting content up on this website. Alas, spare time is a rare thing when working a full time job, trying to chip away at my reading list, and planning two series of novels (possibly soon to be three – yes, I am a lunatic). I have finally done it though. I have added pages for the Shadow Among the Stars series. The links are now on the header of […]

Arcane Lights

And I have done it. I have completed Arcane Lights. In truth, I completed it two months ago, but I am very delayed getting this up as things have been non-stop over the summer and I have only just found myself with a slither of time to write this update. It feels crazy – like, honestly, seriously crazy – that I have finished this novel. I’ve been bandying around the story idea for a couple […]

Writing – The Organic Entity

Ever since I was young, I have lived within a bubble of self-enforced organisation. For me, the world is almost like a formula, and if one thing falls out of place, then the whole thing crumbles. It made me somewhat of an annoying child. And probably even more of an annoying adult. Even still, that is how I plan so many aspects of my life. My day. My work. My gym regime. All of it […]

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