A Bit of TLC

Wow. I am still very delayed getting content up on this website. Alas, spare time is a rare thing when working a full time job, trying to chip away at my reading list, and planning two series of novels (possibly soon to be three – yes, I am a lunatic). I have finally done it though. I have added pages for the Shadow Among the Stars series. The links are now on the header of the page – just hover your cursor over and behold the drop-down majesty. And for all you technophiles out there, this may not seem such a coup, but I take a certain pride in achieving something that seems so superficially simple. Especially when I had to teach myself how to work this damned WordPress all those years ago, and still occasionally stumble my way through it.

You will have to bear with me though, as I have only got the Arcane Lights page up at the moment. The parent Shadow Among the Stars and proceeding A Spectre of Self pages are currently in the development stage. Late development, but development nonetheless. Hopefully I’ll have them updated by the end of the month. And on top of that I will be giving the whole website a little TLC, adding a bit more content on my upcoming projects, putting up a few more reviews, and just general information.

For now, that is my only update. I am going to take a rare break and watch John Wick because my brain needs its dose of chaos.

Goodnight readers.

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