Hi, my name is Thomas S. Barnard Here is a little bit about me

Life and Times of Thomas S. Barnard

If you have ventured on to this page then it is here that you will find out a little more about me – my history, my inspiration, and, if you look to the right here, you can see a lovely little picture of me at Mount Teide in Tenerife. This is all very brief, so if you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I will certainly try my best to answer them!

I was born on 3rd July 1986 in Cardiff, Wales. I became somewhat of a connoisseur of the regions of South Wales as I moved to the little dock town of Milford Haven when I was 11 years-old, where I lived a quaint life with my parents and younger brother, and then moved to Swansea where I studied law in University, as well as the hedonisms of the new-adult lifestyle in its surrounding city. It was in Swansea, after receiving my LLB Law, where I decided to make roots and settle.

During those formative years of childhood that matured in to adolescence I dabbled in the art form of story writing to extreme degrees of failure and instead chose to study the incredible works of others while nurturing my own story locked away within my mind. It was through these years, becoming enamored with the works of numerous greats such as John Milton, J.R.R Tolkien, George Orwell, and many others, that I really started evolving and cultivating my own fictional world.

While studying Law in Swansea University I found that I was able to endure the monotony of study by engrossing myself in SFF novels at regular intervals, a means to make sure my sanity remained in check. It was after completing my Law degree, realising that becoming a solicitor or barrister was not for me, and becoming mired in the reality of full time work that I finally decided that my ideas, my story, and my fictional world so full of almost sentient characters should find their way back on to the page. Now reinforced by the experience of years, I dug out my notebook and trusty fountain pen that had carried me through my university years and began the arduous task of giving these characters life.

This world, along with the conflict besieged to it, drew heavily on my respect and admiration for Christianity, along with my utmost love for fantasy. My aim – to develop a fleshed out modern take on the age old tale of Good versus Evil; Man versus the temptations of Satan. And so began my own personal journey of putting that tale, of such epic intent, in to words that would truly do it justice. Even before I started I realised that one book would not suffice, and nor would two, or even three. How could such a grand notion be confined to such minimal confinement? And so commenced the birth of the Shattered Earth Saga.

The first novel, A Fire Within, has been a labour of love, and occasionally hate, as it come in to fruition. I started and scrapped the novel on more occasions than I would care to admit, and even more times the thought of giving up had plagued my mind. But such was my passion for the story that it became my life and I saw the first book through until I was happy with every one of the words that graced the page. And with the first chapter of this saga complete, so begins the start of chapter 2. And with the characters so forceful in the presence of the real world, so is my confidence in doing their story justice. And so, in my home in Swansea, sitting in front of my computer screen writing this, I hope that all of you share the same blossoming passion for my story that I do.
If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact me