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Writing – The Organic Entity

Ever since I was young, I have lived within a bubble of self-enforced organisation. For me, the world is almost like a formula, and if one thing falls out of place, then the whole thing crumbles. It made me somewhat of an annoying child. And probably even more of an annoying adult. Even still, that is how I plan so many aspects of my life. My day. My work. My gym regime. All of it […]

The Newly Inducted Twitter Fiend

It has been a long time coming, but I have finally joined Twitter. Considering how vibrant the social media community is, and the advice and knowledge that is so readily available through it, I should have joined a long time ago. The truth is, the only thing that stopped me was my own ignorance. It’s one of those things that I kept telling myself that I would, but never saw the rush. Now that I […]

A Nice Piece of Advice

Submitting your work to an agent is a daunting task. Believe me, I know. Rejection is part of the business, so you know to expect a lot of rejections before you get your acceptance. But no matter how much you expect it, it will never change how disheartening it is to receive that “Thanks, but No Thanks” email. You begin to think your work is not good enough and maybe you are not cut out […]

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