Writing – The Organic Entity

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Ever since I was young, I have lived within a bubble of self-enforced organisation. For me, the world is almost like a formula, and if one thing falls out of place, then the whole thing crumbles. It made me somewhat of an annoying child. And probably even more of an annoying adult. Even still, that is how I plan so many aspects of my life. My day. My work. My gym regime. All of it […]

The Newly Inducted Twitter Fiend

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It has been a long time coming, but I have finally joined Twitter. Considering how vibrant the social media community is, and the advice and knowledge that is so readily available through it, I should have joined a long time ago. The truth is, the only thing that stopped me was my own ignorance. It’s one of those things that I kept telling myself that I would, but never saw the rush. Now that I […]

A Nice Piece of Advice

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Submitting your work to an agent is a daunting task. Believe me, I know. Rejection is part of the business, so you know to expect a lot of rejections before you get your acceptance. But no matter how much you expect it, it will never change how disheartening it is to receive that “Thanks, but No Thanks” email. You begin to think your work is not good enough and maybe you are not cut out […]

Sun, Sea, Sand and……a Notepad?

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With my final draft of A Fire Within completed, a sense of serenity washing over me, and the first glimmers of sunshine bathing the normally sodden landscape of Britain, I decided to take a day to celebrate with a couple of beers in my garden, looking out over the sun-kissed vistas. Budweiser in hand, cool and crisp with welcome condensation, I was hit with waves of nostalgia, pulling me back to where my writing journey […]

Just a Helping Hand – Tips for New Writers

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Right, let’s just start off by saying that this isn’t a ‘how to’ on how to write your novel. At the time of posting this I am not a published author, so I can’t give advice on how to be a successful writer. What I can do is give you tips on how to be prepared for your novel, and what to think about when writing it. These are things that I learnt the hard […]

The Enigmatic (albeit self-titled) Stranger

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My aim, when setting up this website, was to be able to get my thoughts out there. I wanted to write reviews for my favourite books, films and TV shows. I wanted to air my hobbies, interests and gripes. I wanted this to be a place where my fans could get to know about me and my novels. It seems that I was very ambitious. Over the last few of months I have hit a […]

2017 in Review

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Somehow, I have found myself at that time of the year, sitting in front of my computer after a month of eating too much cheese and drinking too much whisky, reflecting on the twelve months that have just gone. That age-old adage the older you get, the faster time goes definitely seems to be taking effect as it seems like only a couple of months ago where I regaled you (or forced upon you!) my […]

Faith in Humanity Restored

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In this day and age it is very hard to find faith in humanity. The news is burdened with wars, crime, murders, and general atrocities, but very often it does not present the little things that show the goodness that is still rife in this world. I’m not going to prattle on. Instead I’m just going to suggest that, especially if you are having a bad day, you just look at the below video. As […]

Recasting the DCEU – The Characters and Actors I would like to see

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As you are all surely aware, I am a big geek when it comes to comic books and have become fully enticed by the quality of films that Marvel are steadily releasing. They are not perfect. They do not do all characters justice when compared to the source material. They DO succeed in entertaining countless people with their enjoyable take on an extremely deep universe.   Now, when it comes to DC, we are not […]

Coincidences in Fiction – A Product of Poor Planning?

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Coincidences happen. In real life they can be a wonderful thing. Against all odds, something happens that is the product of utter chance.   In novels, they are not so wonderful.   You are reading a story. You have become enamoured with the characters. You are invested in their plight. They are in mortal danger. How are they going to escape? How will they survive when about to be set upon by numbers that will […]