Considering buying a book, then check Goodreads

For a few years now I have been using Goodreads as a source of inspiration for the next epic series of books I should start reading. The site is, to put it bluntly, pretty awesome. Not only is it rife with reviews from avid readers, but many of the books showcased on there have questions answered by the authors themselves, which I think is a very nice touch. It just goes to show how immersive a website it actually is for even the authors to place their own stamp of opinion in the comments. It also screams volumes to the integrity of the authors that do this that they take time out of their busy schedules to converse with the readers.

Personally, I would recommend that everyone actually sign up to become a member. It’s free and the benefits are simply incredible. Post your own personal reviews, get recommendations for books, ask the community questions, get useful emails. It’s all worth the effort of the 5 minutes to take to sign up.

For so long I simply visited the site as a casual viewer, but recently I have signed up and started posting my reviews on the there. It’s just my small way of putting my (hopefully) helpful opinions across to those who haven’t had the opportunity to venture to my site yet.

For those who have read this and feel the urge to visit the site then you can just click here and it will take you straight there. It’s not often that I will promote another website on here, but this has proven so useful to me I feel it is only right to convey that to anyone else who has a passion in reading.

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