2016 in Review

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2016…what a year it was. It is widely considered the year that killed off so many talented people; Alan Rickman, Prince, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Anton Yelchin, Mohammed Ali, and many, many more. So maybe the most apt way to start this post is with a tribute to all those we have lost. Their talent was without equal, their impact without measure. In a world where fame is given to even the least […]

Book vs Film – The Eternal Debate

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The debate is age old (well as old as film in any case) – which is better, the film or the book? But while the debate may span the course of over a century, film has found a new ally in its live action corner in the form of TV shows. With the ever advancing technology of our age, and the ever growing budgets of recent TV shows and movies, we are seeing a lot […]

Considering buying a book, then check Goodreads

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For a few years now I have been using Goodreads as a source of inspiration for the next epic series of books I should start reading. The site is, to put it bluntly, pretty awesome. Not only is it rife with reviews from avid readers, but many of the books showcased on there have questions answered by the authors themselves, which I think is a very nice touch. It just goes to show how immersive […]

What is Grimdark

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All too often lately I’ve heard of this “sub-genre” of fantasy so lovingly lauded as Grimdark. Looking through fantasy novels written and praised over the last few years I kept seeing this term arise to the point that it had piqued my interest. Now I know that this is in no way a new term as it seems to have emanated from Warhammer 40,000’s tagline “In the grim darkness of the far future” and then […]

Somewhat delayed, but my second book review is finally up

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If you’ve visited my page before then you know where to find it. Anyway, I finished Deadhouse Gates about a month back, but hadn’t been able to get my review on here until now. Put simply, what a book. I have fallen in love with Erickson’s world and his style of writing. His battles are gritty, his characters immersive, and most of all his stories are compelling. Like any book, it’s not without its faults, […]

Hard at work

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With the sunny climes of Ibiza now but a distant memory, I return to the grind. And I couldn’t think of anything better. Getting back in to the swing of writing has motivated me through the week of spreadsheets, reports and minutes. It is the hope that I have clung on to, dragging me through the broken glass that has been my first week back in work (my job really isn’t that bad, but it […]

My first movie review

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Afternoon all. It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, mainly because I’ve been busy writing (but also because I’ve been languishing in the sunny isle of Ibiza with a few cool pints and a good book). After getting back from my holiday, delving in to a pizza and fighting off the withdrawal symptoms of a week of excessive alcohol consumption, I decided to peruse my collection of movies to see if there […]

Writer’s Block

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For a long time I have heard about this curse that has plagued writers, even those who have published books so confidently in the past. Their works have been lauded, praised, revered, and all those other synonyms that scream their worth. Yet still they get hit with this apparent curse. For this whole time I have wondered if it was nothing more than a subconscious excuse to procrastinate and savour the rewards of the work […]

My first book review

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Finally got a bit of time to get my first book review up on the site for Steven Erickson’s Gardens of the Moon. Not a delightful read per se, but definitely a rewarding one. If you want to see what I think then you can find the review in the “What I’m Reading” section of the site.

And this is the beginning

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After a few weeks of working on my website, I have finally got the main components up and running. Obviously, as I go along, week by week, I will be updating certain sections such as my blog and what I’m watching and reading at the moment. So if you venture to these pages and they are currently empty, fear not, for I will regularly be updating them to keep all you wonderful people in the […]